5 Basic Essentials for Kindergarten

Is your kid ready to start Kindergarten? This is an exciting time in his or her life and yours, even if it is all new and a little scary. This is the beginning of their educational journey which will give them the skills they need to make their way in the world and to help make it a better place.

As the opening of the school year approaches and summer is drawing to a close, school supplies often go on sale. Take advantage of those discounts with these 5 basic essentials that every kindergartener will need.

A Big Backpack

They are graduating to big kid backpack status in Kindergarten. They will need a tough backpack that can handle lots of rough unzipping and flopping around and that is big enough to fit their lunchbox and a folder or notebook.


There are many cute styles and themes for both backpacks and lunchboxes that your child will enjoy, but as a parent, you should be looking beyond the outside to efficiency. Buy a lunchbox that is easily cleaned, easy to open and close, and can hold an ice pack if it does not come with one. It is easy for lunchboxes to get lost in the muddle and go missing, so be sure to have a backup on hand as well.

Water bottle

Water fountains can collect germs quickly, so be sure your child has extra water on hand to stay hydrated throughout the day. A large no-leak water bottle with a name label so it can be returned if it is lost would help keep your kindergartener healthier in more ways than one.

Hand sanitizer

Keep the germs at bay by teaching your child to clean his or her hands during the day (especially before meals or after potty breaks and recess.) Equip them with their own hand sanitizer to help them remember and make staying clean more fun.

Change of clothes

Your little one is still little in many ways, and accidents can and will happen at some point. Make sure you pack a full change of clothes for them (all the way down to socks and underwear) to avoid any embarrassment. Keep the change of clothes stocked and seasonally appropriate.

Happy shopping!

Jennifer Powers is a mother, philanthropist, avid poker player, & blogger. http://jenniferpowers.me