Getting the kids back to school is an annual tradition. Summer vacations are over, and kids are in classes all day long again. While many families love having the kids around so much during the summer, it can be a relief to parents to have kids back in school during the day. Having said that, it can also come at the expense of school buses clogging up the roads again.

The transition is a big seasonal change, however, and making it can be complicated. Fortunately, there are a number of back-to-school hacks your family can use.

For starters, consider using…

Although doctors and nurses are warning the public of a new surge in COVID-19 cases spurred on by the delta variant, child psychologists are warning that the new school year will bring about a surge of kids facing mental health crises as well. In pre-pandemic years, the months of September and October were especially active for child mental health specialists. Dr. Richard Martini, a child psychiatrist at Salt Lake City’s Primary Children’s Hospital and the University of Utah, says that in typical years, the end of September and early October saw the biggest rise in kids visiting mental health professionals…

Children are always curious and ready to learn new skills, making them want to get involved in the things their parents do.

One of the main area’s children can learn from is in the kitchen, but parents need to understand how to involve their children best to learn new skills and remain safe. Depending on the age of the child, there are various activities parents can let them handle.

Cooking Activities For Preschoolers

Children at this age get bored fast. Therefore, parents need to give them activities that suit their skill level and activities that they will enjoy. Some of those activities include:


Raising children can be stressful. A lot of the time, they may do things that you don’t like, but that’s to be expected since they don’t know what they’re doing yet.

When they do behave the way you like, you need to praise your kids, because it’s actually quite a valuable parenting tactic.

Praise and encouragement for kids tells them that you like how they are behaving at the time. It works best if you describe the specific behaviors that you prefer. Encouragement is a form of praise because it might mean you’re letting your kids know you see them…

Parents can build their children’s self-esteem using these three tips.

Let children choose

Children want to be independent. They want to freely express themselves. For example, they may want to decide what to wear in the morning. Parents can help by giving them a few weather-appropriate options. Children should not wear shorts in the winter. However, they can choose which coat to wear for the day. They can also accessorize their outfits using different colored scarves and gloves. Similarly, parents can let their children decide what to eat for lunch by giving them three healthy options at a time. For example, parents can…

Whether it is a new parent or one in the process of raising teenagers, there are a few podcasts that offer helpful and relatable advice for all stages of parenthood. Here is a list of some highly rated podcasts for parents organized by age.

For parents to be, there are several podcasts that can help prepare moms and dads for this new stage in their life. Pregnancy Confidential offers answers to all pregnancy and motherhood questions, even those that are embarrassing to ask. This podcast gives an honest and witty perspective of a soon-to-be mother in the preparation of their…

Is your kid ready to start Kindergarten? This is an exciting time in his or her life and yours, even if it is all new and a little scary. This is the beginning of their educational journey which will give them the skills they need to make their way in the world and to help make it a better place.

As the opening of the school year approaches and summer is drawing to a close, school supplies often go on sale. Take advantage of those discounts with these 5 basic essentials that every kindergartener will need.

A Big Backpack


Colleagues from a new study that tracked adolescents into adulthood found teenagers who are more secure in their family relationships experience a better chance of developing empathy.

The journal Child Development published these findings on July 15. The findings suggest teens with a more supportive and secure family relationship environment offer more empathetic support to their friends. Empathy, which develops with time, has a great impact on a teen’s:

  • Friendships
  • Social interactions
  • Adult relationships

And, adolescence is a vital development stage for the growth of empathy, according to this research. …

Parenting is a whirlwind even months before the baby arrives. Sometimes in the midst of choosing nursery decor, car seats, and a pediatrician, thinking purposefully about parenting goals can get overlooked.

Permissive Parent

These parents typically focus on keeping their child happy. They give in easily to their child’s demands and allow them to make most decisions for themselves. Expectations and guidelines are not enforced consistently. These parents take on more of a friendship role. These children may be prone to anxiety and struggle with respect for authority.

Authoritarian Parent

This style is based on complete parental control with little regard for a child’s…

Planning to hit the road with a toddler in tow is both exciting and a bit daunting. After all, keeping your baby on a solid sleep schedule can mean the difference between having time to yourself and reverting back to the time when your own nights were sleepless and busy. The good news is that there are many ways to maintain your baby’s sleep schedule, even when traveling for long distances or taking an extended vacation.

Get Ready By Making Advance Adjustments to Account for Time Changes

Even adults are guaranteed to experience jet lag when dealing with significant time changes. When planning your trip, calculate the difference in time zones…

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